Avenida Antic Regne de València s/n, Quart de Poblet (46930), València
(Complejo Polideportivo)


Welcome to Quart de Poblet! Here we inform you about everything you need to know to enjoy our town.
We have a great natural and historical heritage, largely linked to the use of water from the Turia River, which runs next to the urban centre.

On a visit to our town you cannot miss several elements of this interesting hydraulic heritage. Thanks to the Water Route you will discover the Llengües de Sant Onofre, a partition that separate the irrigation water from the Quart and Benàger-Faitanar irrigation channels. Also the low-pressure water tank that provided drinking water to the city of Valencia. You will also see the bridges over the Turia River and, in the Molí de Animeta area, one of the most important historical irrigation channels in our region, the Mislata irrigation channel, which today continues to irrigate fields and orchards. It maintains intact an original section that has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.
Of course, the Turia River Natural Park is a must-see in Quart de Poblet, a place where you do birdwatching and see other animals in a really interesting outdoor activity.

Enjoy a stroll through the narrow streets of our historic quarter, arriving at the Church Square, where the Medieval Tank and the Church of La Purísima, two of the oldest buildings in Quart de Poblet, await you. Don't miss the Molí de Vila, which is now an auditorium where you can enjoy the best performances.
Don't forget to visit the Casino Cultural Centre, dating from the early 20th century and built on the initiative of a good number of local families, where you can rest a while on the magnificent terrace of its cafeteria; or the beautiful modernist houses or the old railway station, which is now the Tourist Information Point and exhibition hall.

You can't miss our fiestas, another of Quart de Poblet's main attractions. Particularly recommendable is the traditional and unique Passejà de Sant Onofre, which is held every year on the night of 9th June and has been declared a Festivity of Tourist Interest in the Autonomous Region. Starting from the Hermitage of Sant Onofre, built in the 14th century and declared an Asset of Local Relevance, the participants light thousands of firecrackers which, together with the fireworks, give a unique touch to a three-hundred-year civic procession that will impress you with its beauty and spectacularity. But you can also enjoy our Fallas in March or the Major Festivals, Patron Saint festivities, Populars and Moors and Christians in September.

Quart de Poblet is very close to the city of Valencia, with which it is very well connected by public transport, but it has managed to maintain its essence and charm.
Feel free to immerse yourself in the rich history and natural beauty of Quart de Poblet!